2/5/19 Weekly Training Call: How to Make The Call

How to Start

Know why you want to share Adapt.

Do you want the benefits of the product? Why are you going to talk to people on the street, at the mall or even to your relatives about Adapt? If you know WHY you are doing something, you will find HOW to do it. It is very important to establish why you are sharing Adapt before you try to share it.

Build yourself a list of people you’ll share with.

Make sure to make a list of a minimum of ten people. You do not need to have a list of a million people to find success. Just start with a list of ten people! Make sure to include names and phone numbers of each person on your list.

When you have a negative sharing experience, move on immediately.

Often when you share, people will give you negative feedback. The best way to make sure you are not deterred by negative feedback is to immediately keep pressing on. When someone tells you what you are doing will never work, call the next person on your list immediately. Don’t let a few negative people deter you from the financial freedom you are creating for yourself!

How to Make The Call

Begin with the end in mind.

Why do you want to build a business? Are you willing to go through the peaks and valleys that building a successful business takes? If you know WHY you’re doing this, you’ll figure out HOW to be successful.

Begin with the end in mind when you make calls too. What do you want the outcome of the call to be? Determine that before you make the call. Don’t waste too much time chit-chatting. Recognize that they person you are calling has limited, valuable time too. Let the person know why you are calling. Ask them if they have a few minutes to chat. Tell them you are calling because you have something that they deserve to know about.

Tell them the results you have experienced with Adapt.

Tell them how Adapt has changed your life. Give a few examples. For instance, if Adapt had helped you get rid of your acid reflux, share that! They will most likely start to ask questions about Adapt. Refer them to the Adapt video! Send them the link. Ask them if it’s easier to receive the video via text or e-mail. Tell them you are not an expert on the product, but you know it works.

Three-Way Call

Put your new prospective customer or distributor on the phone with someone from your up-line. Your new customer/distributor needs to know that he/she is capable of joining the company and finding success.


Ask them when they would like you to follow-up. Don’t steal time from your business chit-chatting. Ask them if they’ve had a chance to watch the video. Tell them the topic is too important for you to just tell them about it. Insist that they watch the video.

Key to Success

Keep your initial call short as well as your follow-up call. Don’t steal time from your business chit-chatting. Be genuine, but get to the point.

Watch the full call below!

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