Reviewed by Pre-launch Inspector

We were recently reviewed by Julian Leahy. As many of you know, Julian is a tough, well-known critic of networking marketing companies. He doesn’t give many companies a good score. He speaks nothing but the truth when he evaluates network marketing companies.

Here is an overview of the critique Julian gave us:

#1 Compensation Plan: 

  • “When they say the compensation plan is different, they mean it!”
  • “The comp plan is remarkable. I’ve never seen anything like it.”
  • “When they say, ‘The comp plan is different.’ They mean it! This REALLY is different.”
  • “The gist of it (the compensation plan) is distributors are REWARDED for helping their downline get set up and make purchases.”

#2 Product: 

  • “Seroctin is patented. The product is backed by science.”
  • “This is legit (referring to Adapt X.1). From the research, this is legit. This (product) really is having these effects.”
  • “Seroctin has genuine effects and the research backs it up. Seroctin is patented. Say another MLM wanted to copy this product and sell it, they could not… Arego Life has (complete) control of the product!”

#3 Overall Critique of Arego Life:

  • “This is a very interesting network marketing program. I believe in the product. I think this company could be big.”

We are proud to announce that Julian gave our company an A-! Thank you Julian!

Watch the video below to hear Julian’s full review!

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