2/28/19 Attraction Marketing: Week 1

Why attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing enables you to create a brand for yourself. Through attraction marketing, you can create a personal brand to sell on social media via storytelling. This will help you leverage referral commission!

Faces tell, stories sell.

The founders of Adapt are all about experiencing the product first. Share the story of Adapt X.1 and how it has helped you. Enable people to have the customer experience and develop their own testimonial. After people have developed their own testimonial and have had their lives changed by Adapt, let them decide to become a Marketing Partner!

Assignments For This Week

  • Read hypnotic writing in the Arego Life Official Facebook group.

This is located under the “Files” tab in the Arego Life Official Facebook group. (At the very least, read pages 222-224!)

  • Create a survey.

Sometimes when you are very close to a brand, you fail to recognize how you can utilize your personality and qualities best to best represent you. This week you are going to post a survey on your Facebook!

Create your survey on www.surveymonkey.com. Sign up or login through Facebook! It’s free. (Go to (13:01) in the video below for detailed instructions on how to make and share your survey on surveymonkey.com.)

See the image below for the survey questions you will ask!

This survey will enable you to gather anonymous data from people you know to better understand what it is that people love about you! Check your survey responses on surveymonkey.com.

  • Turn your Arego Life website into a Bitly (Short) URL

Many people make the mistake of posting long URLs on social media. These URLs are much less likely to draw your audience in. Long URLs make people suspicious of viruses and sales pitches. Shorter URLs look friendlier (and usually are!). It is important when you are linking anything related to Adapt that you make your URLs friendly and easy to use. Change your URL to “(your name)adapt” on bitly.com. See (20:18) in the video for detailed instructions on how to do this!

Next Steps

  • Gather your responses from surveymonkey.com.
  • Post your survey responses in our “Arego Life Official” Facebook group! We want to hear all the cool things you learned about yourself!
  • Pillar Stories: Based on the responses you receive, decide which five stories people remember/relate to you the most. These are your five pillar stories.
  • Comment “I did it!” in the Facebook group under the post Lauren has created when you have successfully created your Bitly (short) url.

Click below to hear the full call!

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