2/25/19 Corporate Update Call

Contacts in Japan

Kevin is in Japan until this Wednesday. If you have contacts in Japan you would like Kevin to meet with, contact kayla@aregolife.com!


We are still calling and e-mailing everyone who has activated, qualified and become part of Club 300. Make sure you are congratulating people as they achieve their goals! It is very important to lift others up in your daily climb.

Forget About Goals, Focus on The System

A famous author has shown that in order to succeed we really need to forget about goals and focus on the system instead. Winners and losers have the same goals, just different systems. The reason people win isn’t because they have unique goals. It is because they have a system that WORKS. Here are a few proven reasons why goals alone DON’T often work:

  1. Achieving goals only gives you momentary satisfaction and change. Think about it. When you achieve a goal, the satisfaction is momentary. However, when you’ve achieved a goal through implementing a system within your life, the changes are lasting.
  2. Goals restrict your happiness. Many people believe that once they achieve a certain goal, they will be happy. This is not true! Happiness comes before success and is often a factor that aids in your success.
  3. Goals are actually at odds with long-term success. Once you hit your goal, it is easy to settle back into your old ways. For example, many studies show that runners will train for a race, but after they accomplish their goal (running in a race), they often slump back into their old routines and quit running. This is called the yo-yo effect. Studies have also shown that goals backed by systems are much less likely to lead to the yo-yo effect.

Make sure you are using our simple system! We have already set goals for you, so that you don’t have to including: Club Qualify, Club Activate, Club 300, the Regional Partner Promotion and the Dominican Republic Trip. Focus on the system! Simply invite and follow-up each day.

We will upload the call and post the link here shortly!

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