2/26/19 Why Arego? Opportunity Call

Why Arego?

(0:58) We have an incredibly lucrative pay plan, founders with tons of experience within the industry and an exclusive product. Tom has decades of experience in networking marketing. He had never seen a company with all the right pieces until he found Arego Life.

Arego Life was founded to recreate networking marketing.

I’m sure you’ve all heard rumors about network marketing companies. Arego is here to dispel those rumors and change the industry for the good.

Low Startup Costs

The entry cost to start your business with Arego is only $149. Arego does not try to overload new partners with product to get their sponsors big checks. Arego is all about many people doing a little bit, instead of a few people doing a lot.

Exclusive Product

Adapt X.1 has 6 utility patents. Adapt is an adaptogen, so it allows your body to use it where and how it needs in order to most effectively accommodate your body’s serotonin needs.


(4:40) Though Arego is still in pre-launch, its technology is already top-notch. As Tom noted, the back office is more advanced and user-friendly than other networking companies. We already have an excellent communications system and even an app to help teams communicate with ease.


Kim’s Story

(5:10) Kim says she has never been more excited about anything in her whole life! She has a stressful job as a school psychologist. She was in a car accident 15 years ago and has suffered from insomnia ever since. Kim has also suffered from anxiety her whole life. For the last 15 years, she has not slept more than 3-4 hours each night. She tried every single medication and natural treatment she could find. Nothing worked.

The first day she took Adapt, she slept through the night! She says that the next day she was “calm as a cucumber” and felt amazing. She thought it must’ve been a fluke. Surely this product hadn’t worked as she suspected it had! However, she kept taking the product and the results kept coming!

(8:50) She soon decided that she should start her family on the product. She was amazed at how the product was able to help completely suppress her daughter’s anxiety! Kim cannot believe how much Adapt has blessed and helped her and her family.

The timing is right. The product works. The results people are reporting are unbelievable. Spray it forward!

Hear the rest of the call below!

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Or visit: https://fccdl.in/YRwVJItzuB

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