1/25/19 Weekly Training Call: How to Help a New MP Get Started

How can you best help a new Marketing Partner get started the RIGHT way?

To start, you’ve got to sign them up! Start with the “Join Us” tab on www.myaregolife.com. Walk them through the sign-up process.

Instead of sending people links and hoping that they sign up and find their way, walk each new Marketing Partner through the process of signing up.

Next, provide your new Marketing Partner with the tools they need.

Start with the back office!

  1. Help them set up their profile! Teach them how to turn on/off their e-mail notifications and how to edit their profile information to always insure that they have accurate information on file.
  2. Show your new MP how to use the Climb Report, Tabular Genealogy report and other reports available under the “Reports” tab in your back office. This is very important! New MP’s need to know how to track their progress as well as their downline’s progress. Help them utilize these reports.
  3. Walk your new MP through the process of checking their Payquicker account balance and other commission related information. It is essential that your new MP understands how commissions work, when they are paid an how to set up their Payquicker account. Make sure to walk them through this process.
  4. Teach your new MP how to communicate with his/her fellow Arego Lifers! Show them how to e-mail their downline from the back office and how to use the Team Link app. Communication is essential! Make sure your new MP understands the importance of communication and how easy communication can be with our e-mailing system and Team Link app.
  5. Introduce the new MP to www.resources.aregolife.com found under your “Resources” tab in your back office. Our resources site is one of our most valuable tools. MP’s can find the answer to just about any question they may have here. They can also find our company calendar, archives of videos and testimonials, information about patents and research and so much more!
  6. Introduce them to www.blog.aregolife.com! It is important to know what is going on in your business. Our blog is our newsletter. It has up-to-date information regarding all events and happenings at Arego Life, as well as recaps of every call.

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